Thursday, April 2, 2009

Official Opening Post and Pictures

The Picture above is of a flower hair piece that is modeled by the lovely Merissa D.

And this one is of my first-and probably only- felted purse. Its not very big, as you can see.

These are the pins i have been SLAVING over and have decided to make a profit on.

Mickey, my Prom Date.

And finally a crocheted 12 inch square given to me through a swap.

This is my official opening post. A lot of pictures, not much writing. I think thats how most people like crochet blogs, right? I'll also have crafts on my Random Ramblings blog. Enjoy!


  1. Love all your stuff.. THe pins are adorable and I really like the bag!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm a juvenile compared to you though lol some day I hope to design some more bag patterns and such.

  3. Love the bag :)