Friday, May 15, 2009

Uncommon Crochet Spotted!

Man, it is SO hard to find anything interesting these days. When I started the Uncommon Crochet blog i thought i'd find more crocheted items or people who crochet that are not of the 'norm'. Oh well, makes for a good hour on Google. :D Today's adventure is just a picture of a cutie hat with an article about new crochet. Its not very long, nor very big, but its the best I could do on such a short notice. Enjoy!

Link found here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncommon Crochet Spotted!

Well, I'll tell you, it is NOT easy to find uncommon crochet projects and ideas. But when I ran across this beauty, I knew it was for my little growing collection. Patricia Walter has created some gruesome creatures out of crochet and fabric. You can find her works here. WARNING: NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH VIOLENCE, SEX OR OTHER TABOOS.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Written Pattern-Bag

*sorry no pictures and the one that i had made I gave away but as soon as I have no more WIPs I'll make another and take pictures. This was my first written patterns so if there's any problems let me know. *


Hook- size H/8 (5mm)

large eye yarn needle

ribbon (optional)

Gauge: 17 sts= 4" in pattern stich
17 rows= 4" in pattern stitch

pattern stitch:

* sc in frount loop only of next ts, then sc in back loop only of next st, repeat from * all the way across, chain one, turn.


To begin: ch 51. sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across (50 sc) ch 1, turn.

Working on these sts, start Pattern Stitch and continue until you have completed 12".

End yarn by drawing tail through last st and weaving ends.


Work as for the fount.


ch 6, sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across (5 sc) ch 1, turn.

keeping in sc, work on these sts until piece measures 16". end yarn by drawing tail through last st and weving ends.


Weave in any loose yarn ends.

With right sides facing each other, place the front and back pieces together. Sew together with matching color yarn.

Sew on handles. If desired, add ribbon to inside of handles to create a sturdy handle that wont stretch with use.


ch 11, turn.

SC in second st from hook and across, ch 1, turn. (10 sc)

Working in PATTERN STITCH, continue until desired length (mine was six inches) and finish off. Sew onto handle of bag. I'm left handed so i sewed it onto the right handle on the left side.


Really, this is just a compartment on the inside.

CH 6, turn

SC in each st across, (5 sc) ch 1, turn.

I used the PATTERN STITCH until it was about 4 inches, fastoned off and sewed it to the inside of the bag on the left corner.

I know its not perfect, and its really simple, but it works. You can line it or felt it if desired. hope you enjoy.

Uncommon Crochet Spotted!

Well, once a week I google crochet in the news. Today I found something really unusual and really sad on the police's part. Here is the summary of the story.

Hip Wrysters

Hip Wrysters

* this is rather delayed as I wrote this pattern awhile back, but I havnt had much time to do anything. Well, thats not true either. I've just been lazy. So, HUGE thanks to Tami for testing it for me, and all my friends at the 'ville. *

**oh, and the most difficult parts are re-typed at the bottom in red**


Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
H/5mm hook
Yarn needle
Stitch Marker or Scrap yarn

Stitches Used:
SC-single crochet (British DC-double crochet)
HDC-half double crochet ( British HTR- half treble crochet)
SL ST-slip stitch (British SS- slip stitch)

CH 30 (or as many as it takes to fit around the thick part of your hand)
Join with SL ST

Round 1-HDC in SAME st as sl st and around- 30st. Join with sl st in SAME st as first HDC, Ch 1. (DO NOT TURN)

Round 2-3 HDC in SAME st as sl st and around-30 st.

From now on you will be using Stitch markers or Scrap yarn to track where you begin and end a round.

Round 4- 3 HDC in SAME st as sl st, place stitch marker in first HDC. Chain 6, skip 6 stitches, HDC around-30 st.

Round 5-3 HDC in SAME st as marker and in next 2 HDC, HDC in each of the 6 ch, creating a hole for the thumb.
HDC in each st around- 30 st.

Round 6-12-HDC in each st around, 30 st in each round.

Round 13- SC in each st around- 30 st.

Finish off, weave in ends.
This is only my 3rd written pattern so if you have any difficulties please contact me.

Round 4-Hdc in same st as sl st, plus two, placing stitch marker in first st. chain 6, skip 6 stitches, hdc around-30 st.

round 5-hdc in same st as st marker was in, and in next 2 st, hdc in next 6 ch st and around-30 st.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Uncommon Crochet Spotted!

Last night, a friend of mine sent me this article about crochet. I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and a HUGE thanks to Spirit who gave me the article. You can find her writing blog here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Official Opening Post and Pictures

The Picture above is of a flower hair piece that is modeled by the lovely Merissa D.

And this one is of my first-and probably only- felted purse. Its not very big, as you can see.

These are the pins i have been SLAVING over and have decided to make a profit on.

Mickey, my Prom Date.

And finally a crocheted 12 inch square given to me through a swap.

This is my official opening post. A lot of pictures, not much writing. I think thats how most people like crochet blogs, right? I'll also have crafts on my Random Ramblings blog. Enjoy!